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The qualified canning and agricultural products provider in Nakuru

With the ever changing consumer demands, we have constantly invested in developing or improving our product range to keep up the latest consumer needs.

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What do we do

Majority of our products are sold under our own brands namely, Golden Valley, Tomchi, Tropolite, Teekay, and Quest, whilst we also specialize in private label and produce for a number leading brands such as KOL, MAU HILLS, KENYLON, ROYCO, OYO, and supply ingredients to a number of leading manufacturers such as Unilever, Kenafric Ind, KETEPA, Melvins, Winnie Pure Health etc.

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Pickle &

Food such as fruit or vegetables that is put in salt water or vinegar so that it can be kept for a long time before being eaten

Paste &

Get the authentic and traditional taste of amazing and perfectly blended Paste & Sauces.

Spices Products

Get the authentic and traditional taste of amazing and perfectly blended herbs and spices

Canned Products

Safely packed food items in metal tin can withstand any condition and are easy to store

Frozen Products

Frozen products are mainly to preserve the food items for even longer duration with their essence

Bakery Products

Get freshly baked products, cooked with utmost hygiene and safety

Dehydrated Products

These products are packed with vacuum pressured and made to use for a later time and provides less weight storage


With out 100% safe and certified packed drinking water get the most minerals required for your body.
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